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Secure Data Back-up Programs

On-Site Back-up

Offsite Back-up

Mid Range Systems now offers a totally automated off-site backup service available to the small office and home office user. A high speed Internet connection (IE. ADSL or CABLE) is all the User need supply. No training or complicated instructions are required. An M.R.S. Engineer will come to your location and configure your system. After set up is completed, the User need only leave the system on after closing. Continuous daily backups will be encrypted (H.I.P.A.A. COMPLIANT) and transferred to our safe location Data Center for storage. This option also helps those governed by H.I.P.A.A regulations to become compliant for disaster recovery data storage. Your data is then scanned for virus content and the User will be notified daily by e-mail of the status of their backup

Data Loss Prevention

Data Restoration